AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/11/2004 10:04:00 AM ----- BODY: Wictory Wednesday - This week, for the first time since 2000, I sat down and wrote a check to a presidential campaign. The almost-total absence of the "Christmas in Cambodia" story in the major media shows the extent to which reporters and editors want President Bush to lose this election. The media were willing to expend time and money to investigate every angle of the "Bush AWOL" story earlier this year on the suggestion of Michael Moore and Terry MacAuliffe, but haven't lifted a finger to look at the Kerry story, despite having over 200 sources available to disprove the Senator's claims of being in Cambodia. John Kerry is most likely lying about this story, and the media are refusing to call him on it. The economy is improving slowly, and the media won't report it. Good things are happening in Iraq, and the media ignore it. The media can no longer be counted on to do their jobs, so President Bush is now forced to spend campaign money to tell his own story. That's where your help is needed. We can't change the media (yet), but we can allow the president to tell the American people the truth about his presidency. Give to the Bush campaign today. Volunteering is great, but what the president really needs is the money to get the message out. Any donation will help win this vital fight. John Kerry cannot be president of this country. As Hugh Hewitt has repeatedly said, the Democrats have to lose, and lose badly. And with the capitulation of the major media, it seems we're the only people who can tell others about the danger that a Kerry presidency poses to this country. --------