AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/31/2004 09:05:00 AM ----- BODY: Sullivan or Moore? - The fallen king is back from vacation and blogging about the convention. The vacation doesn't seem to have done Sullivan any good whatsoever, as he's more shrill and angry than before. Which gave me an idea for a game. Read the following quotes and see if you can figure out whether they're from Mr. Sullivan or from hate-monger Michael Moore. Have fun!
"But comparing well-meaning advocates for including gay people in their own families as the equivalent of Nazis is just, well, sadly typical of what the GOP is fast becoming." " is surely naive to believe that the Bush campaign was unaware of [the Swift Boat Vets] and that their Texas cronies didn't help finance and produce the ads. If this had never occurred on Bush's watch before, you might dismiss it. But obviously it is an old tactic he deploys whenever he needs to." "For a president who never served in Vietnam to get his cronies to lambaste an opponent who actually put his life in danger was, well, breathtakingly bold. And you really have to hand it to Bush. He knows how to campaign hard, to deploy smears of opponents indirectly, to stoke fears of minorities to rally votes, and every other hardball tactic. I wish I could get all huffy about this, but it's always been Bush's campaign mojo: divide, smear and beam." "The Dixiecrats meet again in New York. Now they're called Republicans."
Figured it out yet? Well, here's the answer...they're all Sullivan. Yes, that's how far the former conservative has fallen. He's supposedly for the war (against people who would and still do kill homosexuals), but hates the man who will actually fight it. He's supposedly for limited government, but wants the courts to change a millenia-old insitution. The president's support for the Federal Marriage Amendment seems to have driven Sullivan completely mad. The man is no longer rational. It's all about his emotions, his feelings and his rights. Who needs political arguments when you've got invective and a good vocabulary? --------