AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/17/2004 11:05:00 AM ----- BODY: Status Quo Candidate - Last summer, I was in rural Russia. I drove through the countryside, ate with Russian families and participated in an Americans versus the Russians volleyball game. I can say with some assurance that the Russians have no plans to invade Western Europe. So I was not surprised at all by President Bush's announcement yesterday of a major troop realignment around the world to prepare for future conflicts instead of waiting around for a war with Russia that won't happen. The campaign of John Kerry, in full "anything Bush says is wrong" mode, disagrees, as National Review's Kerry Spot points out today. Richard Holbrooke, in a line sure to be in future campaign ads against Kerry, complains that "the Germans are very unhappy about these withdrawals." When combined with Kerry's decision to make his four months in Vietnam the focus of his candidacy, these criticisms cement Kerry's status as the candidate who has no idea how to deal with the challenges of the modern world. His campaign is focused entirely on the past - on fighting past wars and coddling past allies at the expense of taking a hard look at the threat terrorism poses to the United States. Kerry's nostalgia trips through the 1970s are more than irritating - they are dangerous. This is not a man who is serious about protecting American interests against current threats. Hanging out with war buddies and saving a guy's life 30 years ago does not a president make. Reporters should stop carrying water for the Senator and push him to give specific reasons why this troop realignment is not a good idea. Or maybe Kerry and his advisors could offer their own plan to protect America against terrorist threats. The Kerry campaign is beginning to show the weakness wrought by their 'Vietnam and anybody but Bush' approach to seeking the presidency. Enough carping and reminiscing, Senator. Time to start telling us what type of president you would be. --------