AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/25/2004 10:46:00 AM ----- BODY: SHUT UP - Those at the Family Research Council should know when to keep their stupid mouths shut. There are more important issues in this election than gay marriage, but when Dick Cheney and his wife make a very personal statement regarding their opinion on the issue of same-sex relationships, the FRC goes ballistic. In his new book, Hugh Hewitt warns conservatives against firing on each other during this election season. The FRC has plenty of targets, but instead of helping the president, it chooses to hurt him by giving the press a nice intra-party fighting story. Wonderful. Thanks a lot, guys. Real helpful. When are so-called "pro-family" organizations going to play a little realpolitik and decide to take more than half a loaf rather than demanding total agreement with their agenda? I would urge conservatives and especially Christians to stop supporting such organizations with their money and send checks to the RNC instead. The issues at stake in this election are too important to allow John Kerry to win. If the FRC were truly a Bush ally, they would keep quiet about these issues until after the election. Hey FRC...this administration agrees with you - but they have to win in order to do anything about your agenda. Help them instead of getting riled up about side issues. Maybe we should ask Tony Perkins just how far he'd get pushing his agenda to a Kerry administration. --------