AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/19/2004 09:08:00 AM ----- BODY: NIMBY - The Democrats have made a lot of noise this election year about the need to fund "first responders" such as firefighters and police officers. (The fact that most of these guys belong to unions has nothing to do with their concern, I'm sure) In the overwhelmingly Democrat town of Orono, Maine, the attitude seems to be 'fund the first responders, but don't let them train or anything.' The owner of a facility being used by the National Guard and others to train for a terrorist attack wants to put a video surveillance system on the property to protect it. Orono residents, a paranoid lot, see the system as a Big Brother intrusion on their personal freedom, and will doubtless blame the whole thing on John Ashcroft eventually. Seriously, though, if a highly Democrat and liberal place like the People's Republic of Orono doesn't like the idea of letting "first responders" have a place to train, what's the point of giving them additional funding? To make ourselves feel better? Of course, the entire idea of funding first responders while voting against funding those who keep the terrorist attacks from happening in the first place (paging John Kerry) is ridiculous. We should always be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack, but should focus more of our time and money on preventing those attacks by killing or taking power away from those people in the world who want to kill us. Funding 'first responders' instead of the military is a defensive move sure to please only two groups - the unions and the terrorists. Please note that I'm not equating the two. But if anyone wants to make a comparison between the autocratic rule of the Taliban and the iron-fisted anger of John Sweeney, be my guest. --------