AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/05/2004 06:44:00 PM ----- BODY: More Media Hijinks - When I was a journalism student, I had a professor named Brooks Hamilton. He was a great professor who encouraged us all to focus on what we knew. When a student turned in a story that said a town was "shocked" by a crime, Hamilton gave the story a poor grade and asked "How do you know the town was shocked? Did you interview the whole damn town?" I thought of Professor Hamilton today when I read the following lead:
President Bush on Thursday tried to reassure jittery Ohio voters that his prescriptions for the lackluster U.S. economy are paying off in a state that could be key to his re-election in November.
Did the reporter interview the whole damn state? The news agency responsible for this dud of a lead? Reuters, of course. There's nothing in the story to bolster the reporter's claim of twitchy Ohio voters. Just an assumption. And you know what they say about those... --------