AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 8/20/2004 09:00:00 AM ----- BODY: Enough, Already - John Kerry has responded to the allegations made by the Swift Vets by blaming the Bush administration and running another ad featuring veteran Jim Rassman, who Kerry saved during the Vietnam War. Rassmann, who has told his story on the campaign trail, at the convention, in the Wall Street Journal and in various ads, has a story to tell that is quite compelling. And completely irrelevant. I'm tired of Jim Rassmann. Yes, it's great that John Kerry saved his life, but I'm tired of his story because frankly, it doesn't say a thing about what type of president Kerry will be. Jim Rassmann is a non-issue and anyone who decides to vote for Kerry based on his story is a fool. Strong words? Yes, but the extent to which Kerry is focusing on his four months in Vietnam and his "band of brothers" shows just how vulnerable he is on the issue of his congressional record. Kerry followed up four months of personal courage with two decades of political cowardice. He has no major legislative accomplishments, often takes whatever side of an issue is politically expedient and let's not even mention his slandering of the "band of brothers" of which he is now so proud. Kerry would make a terrible president, because he has no core of beliefs that drive him. There's no there there. Jim Rassmann is probably a fine man, and he tells a good story. But it's long past time for Kerry to stop hiding behind it. --------