AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/21/2004 09:06:00 AM ----- BODY: Wictory Wednesday - In his criticisms of President Bush's Iraq policy, John Kerry is fond of telling voters that he will give the United Nations a more active role in the rebuilding of that country:
We should establish an international mission authorized by the UN to work with the interim government on governance issues, including elections and the reconstruction of Iraq and rebuilding the Iraqi economy.
I cannot help but wonder whether officials at the United Nations, if they were given the authority to rebuild the economy under the Kerry plan, will pick up where they left off in taking money from the people of Iraq. There is growing evidence that the United Nations is a deeply corrupt organization. Given what we know now about the Oil-for-Food program, the UN's refusal to help the United States rid the Iraqi people of Saddam Hussein is now cast in a new light. They didn't care about the Iraqi people - only about the money that Saddam Hussein could give them. This is the organization that John Kerry thinks should have more authority in Iraq. Senator Kerry's blind trust in multinational organizations is a troubling sign of his judgment. Kerry believes the only way to make our mission in Iraq "legitimate" is to allow the United Nations to take over. The Bush administration believes the United Nations can be of assistance, but has so far refused efforts to allow a UN takeover. The latest news coming out of that organization shows us that President Bush's instincts were correct. John Kerry believes corrupt multinational groups confer more legitimacy than the United States. President Bush has taken action to depose a dictator and free a people instead of leaving him in power and keeping Iraqis living under tyranny. Kerry's lack of judgment in this matter should leave people with serious doubts about his ability to handle the foreign policy of the United States. He cares more about what crooks in France, Germany and the United Nations think of us than about doing what's right. Help keep President Bush in office. Donate to or volunteer for his campaign today. If you're a blogger, join the growing list of those who have committed themselves to blogging on behalf of the president's re-election every Wednesday. --------