AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/26/2004 04:32:00 PM ----- BODY: McAuliffe Shrieks - After months of allowing his party to trash President Bush, DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe has demanded that the Bush administration "call off the Republican attack dogs." One wonders where Mr. McAuliffe's sense of proper campaign decorum was when John Kerry was attacking the president's patriotism this morning during his interview with ABC's Good Morning America. It was a Democrat, Harry S. Truman, who popularized the phrase "if you can't stand the heat, get of of the kitchen." Thus far in the campaign, Kerry and McAuliffe have responded to the most mild touch of heat from the Republians with undignified shrieking about the unfairness of the attacks made on their patriotism, character, etc. I wonder what Give 'Em Hell Harry would think of what his party has become? --------