AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/26/2004 09:38:00 AM ----- BODY: Kerry Meltdown? - The Kerry campaign is about to have a very bad few days, according to Hugh Hewitt. The throwing medals story has come back to bite Kerry in true Watergate fashion. The focus of the controversy is not that a young John Kerry threw medals over the White House fence in protest - it's that his statements about that act of defiance just don't add up. What's more sad is that Kerry's first response is to blame the entire controversy on the fabled and seemingly omnipotent Republican Attack Machine. The fact of the matter is that at some point in his life, Kerry lied when he should have told the truth. Since then, he's had to lie to cover up his lie and the whole mess has caught up with him. As in Watergate, it's not the action that's the problem - it's the cover up. This entire episode shows the general weakness of John Kerry. Life becomes problematic when you do things out of calculation instead of conviction. His lies about his anti-war actions now cast doubt on whether he really opposed the war at all, or was he just going with the prevailing political sentiment at the time to get himself elected to something? Most of the problems Kerry finds himself in are a result of his political calculation, not his personal convictions. Voting for the war and against the funding, voting for the patriot act but now opposing it, voting for No Child Left Behind but now claiming to hate the law. This constant litany of action and retraction, the constant "clarifications" - they all lead to one question: What does John Kerry believe? --------