AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/08/2004 08:17:00 AM ----- BODY: Iraq Battles - The media are so predictable. Before the war in Iraq, they warned of a quagmire. When the advance of U.S. troops was halted because of a sandstorm and some Iraqi resistance, they warned of a quagmire. Now that troops are fighting insurgents in six Iraqi cities, they...well, you know. The Los Angeles Times and Washington Post both have articles today saying the war presents a political liability for the president. Well, duh. What the articles really do, though, is give the reporters a chance to vent their own opinions by quoting people they know will say the "right" things. If you're tempted to feel pessimistic because of the news coverage, just remember. They haven't been right yet about the Iraq war, and most of them are not big fans of the president. Neither is a big credibility-builder with me. --------