AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/12/2004 03:51:00 PM ----- BODY: Fire Andy Rooney - In a despicable column, Andy Rooney says the following about members of the US Military:
We speak of them as if they volunteered to risk their lives to save ours but there isn't much voluntary about what most of them have done. A relatively small number are professional soldiers. During the last few years, when millions of jobs disappeared, many young people, desperate for some income, enlisted in the Army. About 40 percent of our soldiers in Iraq enlisted in the National Guard or the Army Reserve to pick up some extra money and never thought they'd be called on to fight. They want to come home.
It's probably time for CBS to can this rotten old crank and end his whiny commentary. Rooney is probably right that many soldiers in Iraq don't want to be there, and that many joined never thinking they would have to fight. That doesn't change the fact that they did volunteer, and that they knew what they were getting into when they signed on the dotted line. What's worse about Rooney's column is his attempt to use the suicides of troubled or depressed soldiers serving in Iraq as a political weapon against the Bush administration. I guess if you hate the president badly enough, anything goes. Let's hope CBS sends this bitter old cretin packing soon. --------