AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/28/2004 10:04:00 AM ----- BODY: Double-Bashing from the BDN - Today's Bangor Daily News features a story about a satellite conference between UMaine students and college students in Palestine organized by a professor of social studies education at UMaine. The article gives the professor ample opportunity to condemn US media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and throws in a comment about No Child Left Behind just for good measure. The professor, Edward Jadallah, says he organized the conference to "look at the issue from a global standpoint and to get past perceptions often created by biased media," according to the BDN story. My first thought about this conference is, given the budget constraints the university operates under, who paid for this undoubtedly expensive satellite communication? If it was money from the University, doesn't it stand to reason that more of an effort could have been made to present a balanced view of the problems in that part of the world? The Palestinians dutifully quoted by the reporter complain about the curfews, the checkpoints and the wall being constructed by the Israeli government. One even admits "that some Palestinians who have lost their homes, their families and their loved ones, don't know what else to do" but strap a vest of explosives onto their chest to go kill some Israelis. Almost makes it sound reasonable, doesn't it? I mean, when faced with a similar situation, who wouldn't go out and kill some people eating pizza or riding a bus? No mention was made in the article about the 956 people killed by Palestinian suicide bombers since 2000. That list includes:
Shalhevet Tehiya Pass, a 10-month old little girl who was killed by a Palestinian sniper. She was in a stroller being pushed by her parents, on her way to visit her grandparents. Or Mordechai Schijveschuurder, who was killed along with his wife, Tzira and three of his children Ra'aya, Yitzhak and Hemda as they sat eating pizza at a Sbarro's in Jerusalem. Then there's Edward Bakshayev, who was killed while protecting his family against a terrorist who entered his step-granddaughter's bat mitzvah celebration and opened fire with an automatic rifle.
There have been so many victims that it's easy to forget their names and faces while calling for moral equivalence between them and their murderers. Professor Jaballah says he wants to organize more conferences " to emphasize the need for this type of global learning." What are the chances that next time, he'll bring along some Israelis to talk about the fear and suffering caused by those Palestinians who had 'no choice' but to become suicide bombers? Also, why didn't any of the conference attendees ask the Palestinians why more of an attempt isn't made by the Palestinian people to stop terrorist attacks against Israel? The wall, the curfew, the checkpoints - Israel has not taken these actions just to make life miserable for Palestinians. Certainly an educator seeking to provide context and a rounded view would ask such questions. After all, anything else would be propaganda, right? UPDATE - Thanks to the Creator of Worlds for his link. Welcome, Allahpundit readers. Also, for fun, here is the original press release for the UMaine event. What Palestinian terror? --------