AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/23/2004 08:48:00 AM ----- BODY: Bush and the Environment - President Bush visited the southern end of Maine yesterday for an Earth Day speech. Predictably, environmental groups were not happy with his visit. Brownie Carson of the Natural Resources Council of Maine said the following:
This administration has undertaken a concerted, systematic, very vigorous effort to undermine or repeal every important environmental law protecting the people and the environment of the United States.
In one sentence, Carson has demonstrated why the environment is becoming less of a political concern for Americans - environmental groups have made it difficult to take them seriously anymore. Consider Carson's statement. She's saying President Bush and his cronies are purposely, for nefarious reasons doubtless having something to do with Halliburton, taking apart every important environmental law. No "we're concerned about this administration's environmental record" or "there are areas where we disagree." None of those half-measures for Carson. She wants you to know the president is trying to KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. This is nothing new for environmentalists. For over twenty years, they have been trying to scare the American people into thinking the sky is falling. That soon, the skies will cloud over with smog and the water will be undrinkable. Of course, that's only if the massive floods from global warming don't drown us all first. People like Carson and her merry band of Chicken Littles have kept this shtick up so long that people just don't take it seriously anymore. We'll put up with paying $300 for a catalytic converter or double-flushing a low-flow toilet. We recycle, use non-CDC producing aerosol products and buy dolphin-safe tuna. We change where common sense tells us we should. The reason for Gallup's poll numbers, I think, is that most of us are just sick to death of being told we're all going to die, or listening to environmental groups tell us our leaders are murderous fiends who are dismantling everything sacred about the law. What such groups seem to ignore is that Americans are actually really conscious of the environment. When I was in Russia last summer, I saw more littering than I've seen since the Native American cried in that commercial. I saw huge power plants with tons of smoke coming out of the chimneys and clouds of exhaust coming from automobiles. People there thought nothing of chopping down a tree (or a few) for a bonfire, or draining showers and toilets into a field. What would not be allowed in America is routine in Russia. And yet we're condescended to by the environmental scolds who tell us we're the worst offenders toward the environment. I'm not a big outdoorsman, but I appreciate the environment. I see it as a stewardship issue - God created this planet, and I get the feeling He doesn't want us to mistreat it. And overall, that's what America is doing. So don't tell us we're killing ourselves and each other and use junk science to scare us into doing what you want. Americans are commonsense people who want real solutions, not overheated words. --------