AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 4/19/2004 10:27:00 AM ----- BODY: As California Goes...? - John Fund of says California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has started talking about making the California legislature part-time. Although there are risks associated with this action, the idea of taking politicians out of the capitol and putting them into the real world for a time could help public policy in the long run. Perhaps it's an idea that would help politicians in Washington, D.C. Depending on my mood, I either chuckle or throw something at the television when I hear John Kerry talking about Bush's tax cuts only benefitting the rich. My wife and I are not rich, but we did save money on taxes last year. Overall, we saved about $1300. That may not seem like a lot to a Senator who owns five houses and a yacht, but to those of us in the real world, an extra hundred or so per month helps out quite a bit sometimes. John Kerry has forgotten what it feels like to be middle-class, if he ever knew at all. What's more bothersome about his rhetoric on taxing the rich is how eagerly the crowds he's addressing cheer for those words. They don't seem to realize simple economics - those with wealth create jobs. Take away some of that wealth, and it will mean lost jobs. These are the same people who decry outsourcing as un-American. These companies aren't employing foreigners because they hate Americans - they employ foreign labor because it's gotten too expensive to do business in the United States in some sectors of the economy. John Kerry wants to make it more expensive. If Kerry were willing to leave his lofty post in the Senate and talk to those working for a living and struggling under the weight of excessive taxation, instead of simply addressing crowds of mindless partisans, he would see why some Americans are struggling. In many cases it's not because the government is not doing enough. It's because the feds are doing too much. --------