AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/15/2004 08:01:00 AM ----- BODY: The Terrorists Win One - The election results in Spain are very bad news. Frightened and angered by the terrorist bombings, the Spanish people elected to empower the appeasment party in their country. The Spanish PM-elect has already promised to pull Spain's troops out of Iraq by June 30 and is extremely hostile to the United States. In other words, a terrorist organization helped decide a national election. The question now is whether the Spanish election results will affect our presidential campaign. Those who oppose the war in Iraq in this country will no doubt be pleased by the Spanish election results. They should contain their enthusiasm. All the results in Spain have proved is that if you murder a few hundred people, you can scare enough voters into appeasement mode. If Senator Kerry is smart, he will issue a statement or make a speech outlining his committment to fighting terrorism not as a law enforcement problem, but as a national-security issue. It's a long eight months to the elections, and Americans should understandably be nervous about what Al-Qaeda has planned for late October. The Socialists have won, largely by using the fear created by bombs to scare people into thinking that if the Popular Party were re-elected and continued the war on terror, more attacks would happen. The Socialists now have to live with that decision, knowing that if any further terrorist attacks happen while they're in power, blame will not be so easily assigned. What people like new Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero don't understand is that terrorists don't need a reason to kill innocents. After all, reason has little to do with an ideology whose adherents believe murder is perfectly acceptable. Let's all hope the Socialists don't have to learn the lesson the hard way. --------