AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/05/2004 08:13:00 PM ----- BODY: Whiner Watch - I'm listening to Hugh Hewitt's show on the internet. A second amendment enthusiast just called and said President Bush is alienating the conservative base. He said some conservatives would just stay home instead of voting for Bush. Hewitt did a good job putting the caller in his place and said staying home is basically a vote for Howard Dean. That's a theme that should be repeated to petulant conservatives from now until the election. Staying home on November 2 is not an option this year. The war against terrorism is too important to be left to one of the unserious nine. Well, eight - Lieberman would do well, I think. Gun control, gay marriage, "family values" issues - these are all secondary to the war right now, and any conservative that stays home on election day because of Bush's stands (real or perceived) on one of these lesser issues is a contemptible fool. Conservatives will have a much more receptive president in Bush than in any of the current Democrat presidental candidates. --------