AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/26/2004 07:57:00 AM ----- BODY: Conservative Apathy - Glenn Reynolds posts an email from a dissatisfied conservative who plans not to vote for Bush, as he's "morphed into a Democrat" on spending. Quite a few Democrats in 2000 voted for Ralph Nader with the belief that both parties were the same. Many of them are learning differently now. There are major differences between the parties. In fact, this woman who wrote Instapundit pointed out one of them - abortion. President Bush signed a bill that will protect life. President Clinton did not, and a President Kerry or Dean sure as heck won't. Here is a useful article from OpinionJournal detailing that despite the president's tendency to overspend, he isn't nearly as bad as the Democrats will be. That having been said, though, it is time for the president to use his veto pen against this Congress. --------