AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/30/2003 11:58:00 AM ----- BODY: Dean's Rhetoric - How can anyone take Howard Dean seriously? In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Dean made the following comments:
"If we are safer, how come we lost 10 more troops and raised the safety alert?" "National security and economic security are the touchstones of the election...I think the president has been fairly reckless in just about every area I can think of." "Ordinary farmers in Iowa can't sell their calves right now because the president of the United States did not take the precautions that we could have easily predicted." [The Bush administration is] "not only a failure, but the most dangerous administration in my lifetime."
These applause lines may go over well with the cheap seats crowd at Democrat rallies, but pronouncements like these will make it harder for Dean to go to the center for the general election. If Dean tries, he will get hit on both sides. The Republicans will run ads reminding people of his tendencies toward outrageousness and those Democrats who just really hate Bush will accuse him of selling out to the 'Washington Democrats.' What I find most amazing about Dean and his rhetoric is that the New York Times calls his foreign-policy ideas "nuanced." After spending eight years of the Clinton administration ditching principles to defend Bill Clinton, one would think liberals would be hesitant to do it again. Dean's candidacy shows otherwise. --------