AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/24/2003 10:58:00 AM ----- BODY: Miracles Do Happen - The Portland Press Herald, traditionally one of the most liberal newspapers in the state, has written an editorial saying the UN should follow the president's plan for post-war Iraq. Best line: "This stubbornness on the part of France, Germany and Russia seems to be a rehashing of a diplomatic matter that was discussed and settled earlier this year. There's no unscrambling of this egg, and there is little to be gained by posturing in opposition to Bush's request for U.N. assistance." Some liberals get it. Nothing France, Germany and Russia are advocating for Iraq will improve the lives of everyday Iraqis. The UN is not living up to its charter and its reasons for doing so are disgraceful. They are putting the future of Iraq at risk because they're mad at President Bush and the United States. Petulance seems to be the overriding emotion of the moment at the United Nations. They would rather stew in their own selfish emotions than work with a guy they don't like toward the stability of a newly free nation. Kofi Annan can do something about this, can make a comment that will end the foot-stomping and pouting. But thus far, he has not. Mr. Annan needs to learn that leadership is more than perks and privileges. It sometimes means doing personally distasteful things to achieve a worthy goal. Is the pride of Kofi Annan more important than the lives of millions of Iraqis? We'll find out. --------